The Mission of Linkage Finance

Cardano’s growing ecosystem becomes home to more and more projects and business ideas. While the enormous number of projects creates a flourishing ecosystem, it challenges investors. It gets increasingly difficult to invest in projects if the number is constantly rising. The time needed to do diligent research is increasing and buying and selling tokens takes more time. As well, fees can drive costs up as Decentralized Exchanges demand fees in addition to Cardano network fees. A decentralized Index Fund approach could avoid the problems mentioned above, by simplifying the process of investing in the broad market. This approach also allows for Index Funds in different fields of blockchain technology, like Index Funds consisting of Decentralized Exchange Tokens or Metaverse Tokens. While Index Funds are a well-established and appreciated method of investing in the traditional finance world – this concept is not used in decentralized finance yet, where it could bring the same kind of benefits to digital assets and even more. The Linkage Protocol built by Linkage Finance does not only leverage blockchain technology it also brings various benefits compared to traditional Index Funds. By leveraging smart contracts, the community can create a non-custodial, transparent fund that guarantees a one-to-one backing with its real value and the option to withdraw the underlying assets at any point. It is time to bring easy and hurdle-free ways of investing to the blockchain world and work with the community towards an easily accessible ecosystem.

Linkage Finance - The clever way to buy them all.

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